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Literary Magic

Our 2023 HSC English Extension 2 cohort put on an exhilarating Showcase – a display of the breadth and depth of Wenona literary talent. Particularly striking was their ability to engage with complex themes and present them in a compelling manner.


Holly explored identity and cultural integration in a thought-provoking way through her short fiction piece, Chinese Burn. Most remarkable was her ability to challenge traditional perspectives through a narrative that cleverly aligns with and subverts the notion of cultural belonging.

For the reader, Emily’s A Concerto of Letters and Memories serves as a lamentation for both our current life and the alternative lives we could have lived if we had made one different choice. Her ability to evoke a sense of longing and regret through words was remarkable, leaving the listener to contemplate their past decisions.

Georgie's Written in Firsts examines the trivial motions of contriving meaning to fill the gaps and silences that permeate the human psyche. It is an exploration of the human mind and its inherent need for meaning, which showcases her talent for delving into complex psychological themes.

Charlotte shared a deeply personal and reflective memoir titled How Is It Now When You Are? Her writing captures the essence of adolescence and self-discovery, celebrating the journey and highlighting the trials that come with growing up. What makes her piece stand out is her honesty and vulnerability.

Jemima presented an audio podcast with a hopeful theme, using the idea: If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around, did it ever really crash, did it even make a sound? Her exploration of legacy through storytelling was both inspiring and uplifting, reminding us of the power of sharing our stories.

Finally, Sophie took the audience into the future with her storytelling podcast, Reshaping Sydney. She painted a chilling picture of Sydney's Metropolis of Three Cities in the year 2156, immersing us in a dystopian future through a museum audio tour. Her vivid and imaginative descriptions made for an eerie and memorable vision of what the future might hold.