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Innovative Showcases

Years 4 to 5 International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme students reveal new depths of understanding.

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Hooke House has been abuzz with excitement as parents, students, and staff gathered to witness the innovative presentations that made up the Years 4 and 5 Showcases. Spanning a range of creative channels and multimedia displays, they offered a glimpse into the rigour and vitality of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

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The Year 5 Showcase centred on the Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, exploring the arts as a platform for expressing feelings, ideas, and values. In preparation for the event, students received masterclasses from Senior School teachers in various subject areas. Head of Technology and Applied Studies (TAS), Ms Jan McNally, introduced students to the world of fabric and design, while TAS Teacher, Mr Matt Stewart, shared his architectural expertise. Former TV producer and Year 5 Teacher, Mr Dean Pomfrett, delivered a lesson in stop motion and animation techniques, and Year 3 Teacher, Ms Montanna Teh, who holds a Master's degree in Music, guided the students in using GarageBand to convey emotions and thoughts.

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One student, Kaitlyn, choreographed a dance inspired by the concept of hope, selecting music and moves that reflected the way hope made her feel. “It may be the hope to keep on going when you feel like giving up, or it could be just the hope to be on time to school,” she said. Another student, Amelia, designed a fashion garment through the lens of creativity, arguing in her research document that creativity is an essential way of originating new ideas and a quality that everyone possesses. “I learned that creativity makes you think. For example, you know when you have added too many extra additions and sparkles, and you can learn from your mistakes.”

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On Monday, Year 4 students welcomed staff and fellow students to their Showcase on the Unit of Inquiry titled Where We Are in Place and Time. In small groups, the students delved into various aspects of the lives of Aboriginal people prior to the arrival of the British settlers. Their studies included food and medicine, tools and weapons, totems, art, and culture. Some students, like Aria, Annabelle, and Mary, cooked Aboriginal recipes with traditional ingredients such as lemon myrtle. Others, like Ruby and Miranda, researched medicines and essential oils, discovering that many plant extracts, such as eucalyptus oil, are still valuable today.

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A field trip to the Museum of Sydney and Hyde Park Barracks further enriched their learning, as they explored the motives behind global exploration that eventually led to the European discovery of Australia and the subsequent decision to establish a colony.

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By integrating this information with their knowledge of the impact of British settlement on Aboriginal culture and lives, the students are fostering empathy and understanding in the context of reconciliation efforts, a particularly relevant topic as we approach National Reconciliation Week.