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Creative Marvel

An accomplished artist transforming a Wenona stairwell into a thing of beauty.

Artist Ms Helen Proctor, is making the Wenona campus yet more beautiful, as she gets to work turning a stairwell next to the Visual Arts Department, into a vibrant, inspiring space.


Ms Proctor is known for producing works that transport viewers to a world of colour and imagination. She has a wealth of experience and a vision, enriched by an extended period of living and working in Europe.

Once complete, the mural will create a visual journey for students and staff as they climb and descend the stairs. It is proving fun to watch as the mural unveils itself, taking its cues from the trees and picturesque landscape of North Sydney, while reflecting the spirit of the School.


As a former teacher, Helen has also been contributing to student learning by sharing her process and technique with girls in both the Senior School and Junior School. She is also creating opportunities for the students to contribute to the work, by painting in trees and other elements, under her watchful eye.