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Success Starts with Courage

Each week our student leaders share their insights with their peers in Assembly.

Penny, the Adjutant, Regimental Headquarters, in the Shore Cadet Unit, says embracing challenge has led to a solid inner confidence.

“Three years ago, when I was in Year 9, I decided to sign up to Cadets with Shore, thinking it would be a nice opportunity to ‘meet new people’ if you know what I mean. I’m not sure if I can confidently say that sleeping under a sheet of tarpaulin for four nights in a row, participating in strenuous hikes in 40-degree heat, lathering my face in green and brown paint, and eating powdered meals appealed to me back then. Nevertheless, here I am today, holding the third highest rank, leading a unit of 600, and willingly committing hours of my time to this extra-curricular activity.

I can hand-on-heart say that the decision I made to sign up in Year 9 (whether the reasoning behind it was particularly questionable or not) was the best decision I have made during my time at Wenona.

I have met and befriended so many people that I would never have been friends with otherwise and performed skills in the field that Year 9 Penny probably would have laughed at. Above all, I have truly shown myself that you can achieve whatever you desire with a bit of courage.

Although as generic as it sounds, essentially, what I’m trying to articulate to you all in this speech, is that stepping out of your comfort zone and having an open mind to join in and try new things can unlock new passions and a sense of real ambition in yourself.

My time in the Unit has been the most formative experience of my secondary school life. I feel it has contributed to the person I am and my drive towards completing my daily tasks.

After proving to myself that I could complete my first year of Cadets and then achieve both Junior and Senior ranks, something was sparked within me. I became aware of just how valuable some opportunities are, inspired to feel confident in myself and my abilities, not just in Cadets but across all areas, and now feel especially excited to be able to pass these words on to others who are not sure whether to take the leap or not.

So again, I urge you to try new things. Don’t ever restrict yourself from trying something because you think it’s ‘uncool’ or your friends aren't doing it. Your story might be like mine, and you may open the door to a world of opportunities.
Put ALL hands in.”