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Sports Wrap Up

This week in the pool, and on the track and courts.

It would not be a Wenona Cross Country Carnival without a challenge, and 2023 was no different!


Despite the forecast for sunny conditions, we were met at North Sydney Oval with grey skies and light rain for both the Senior and Junior School Cross Country Carnivals. It takes more than rain to dampen the girls’ spirits, however, and they brought energy to burn, friendship, House spirit and a keenness to perform at both events.


We managed to enjoy the House spirit and camaraderie that House Championship competitors bring every year, with some very tight races on show. A full set of results can be seen on the Senior School Cross Country Portal page.


The weather held out enough for all of Year 12 to complete the course of their choice, either the 1.5km House participation event or the 3km House Championship race. As these students’ Cross Country involvement has been hampered in recent years, it was pleasing to see them celebrating the first of many lasts at this event.

Unfortunately, the remaining participation events for the Senior School had to be cancelled due to the relentless rain that hung around North Sydney for most of the morning.


On Friday morning, we managed to squeeze in the Junior School Carnival in its entirety. Even our Kindergarten to Year 2 competitors managed to escape their classrooms for a short period to enjoy some fun activities in the park and watch the Years 3 to 6 girls on the course. Those on the sidelines were rewarded with displays of sportsmanship, team spirit, athleticism, and fun! A full set of results can be seen on the Junior School Cross Country Portal page.

Thank you to every student who participated, for their smiles, energy, enthusiasm, and gratitude – which make the Sports Department’s efforts more than worthwhile!

Mrs Ann M Osborne, Head of Sport


At the IPSHA Swimming Carnival on Wednesday last week, the Wenona team performed outstandingly well, with 26 personal bests recorded out of 35 events and eight top-ten finishes. A special mention to Sierra (Year 4), who finished third in the 9 Years 50m Freestyle event, improving her time by 4.5 seconds and qualifying for the NSW Combined Independent Schools Sports Council.


Coach Ms Cristina Di Traglia, could not have been more proud of the students, especially for their positive attitude and determination to support each other from the sidelines. The Year 6 swimmers deserve a shout-out for mentoring their younger teammates, while everyone embraced Ms Di Traglia’s quote of the season, “Rest at the end, not in the middle.”

Tildesley Tennis


After 12 months of hard work, the Wenona 2023 Tildesley Shield team returned with the School’s best point score in over 10 years. The team comprised 11 singles and six doubles pairs, and they have spent the past year training, connecting as a team and building a supportive culture that has driven high performances on the court and the loudest cheer squad on the sidelines.


The highlight singles performances included; Ava (Year 11), who made the fifth round, Sophie (Year 12) who made the fourth round and Melissa (Year 11), Katrina (Year 11), Annabelle (Year 10) and Eliza (Year 10), who made the third round.


Thank you to our wonderful parent supporters who added to the success of the tournament. We now look forward to building this momentum to strive even higher in 2024.

Mr Tom Hill, Director of Sport