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Seize the Day!

This week Head Prefect Jemima encouraged the students to appreciate their blessings, express gratitude, and not take privileges for granted.

Each week our student leaders share their insights with their peers in Assembly.

"I have an elderly, diabetic, rotund dog called Chippy who chronically vomits and whose legs can barely hold up his body. He is a Pug/Jack Russell who, last year turned 14. Over the break, we took him away with us on our family holiday to spend time with him, because to be completely honest, he probably doesn’t have much time left. It seems only yesterday he was a mere pup.

Now the final year of school for me and my year group has begun, I am particularly aware of how quickly life changes and how fast time passes. I am aware that each day only happens once, and that what we have one moment is never guaranteed the next.

And I think I’ve realised that it’s really important for us to feel gratitude for what we have right now, for the peace, for the education, and for the people in our lives in this instant … for today.

Let’s try and make the most of each moment we live this year. Our life doesn’t start when we leave the Wenona gates, reach a certain age, or achieve a specific goal. Each day is an opportunity to live, to put our hands in. We do not have infinite time, but we can give and experience infinite love and kindness.

I’ve got a good feeling about 2023, and while my words might not be worth much, I believe I share this sentiment with many others. So, here’s to the year ahead, and what we make of each and every day."


Head Prefect