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House Drama Competition

With captivating scripts and engaging performances, Wenona directors and dramatists have been filming all over campus this week, delving into the timeless complexities of the human experience to create videos for the upcoming House Drama Competition.

The 2023 theme is Greek mythology, with each House allotted a myth to re-interpret for a young, modern audience. The process began in Term 4 last year, and the students continue to work tirelessly on every aspect of film production.

The learning opportunities arising from the competition are proving enormous. Not only have the students tackled creative challenges such as script writing, scene building, character development, acting, producing, and directing; but they have also thrown themselves into logistical tasks such as risk assessments, scheduling, and audition planning, along with keeping tabs on reams of emails.

All that remains is to see the results come judging day!

House Drama4

Allard House explored the power of obsessive love through the story of Echo and Narcissus.

House Drama5

Hooke House took on the story of King Midas, investigating ideas around wealth, greed, fate and free will.

House Drama6

Hadley and Jackson Houses combined their efforts to reinterpret the tale of Icarus and its lessons about hubris.

House Drama7

Messiter House turned the story of the Trojan Horse and its theme of deception, into a school-based drama.

House Drama8

Palmer house looked at the story of Persephone and its themes of rebirth, hope, and harmony.

House Drama9

Ralston House wrote a modern take of the tragic love story, Pyramus and Thisbe.

House Drama10

School House looked at Pandora's Box, revealing the potential danger of excessive curiosity.