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Year 6 Graduation


New beginnings, new opportunities, and lots of potential ahead.

The Independent Theatre was filled with proud family members and friends as we celebrated the halfway point in the educational journey of our Junior School graduates. Acting Principal Mr David Cook reminded us that it was "not an ending but a beginning - and there is so much ahead to be excited for".

Head of Junior School Ms Justine Lind spoke of the importance of maintaining perspective as we ride the highs and lows of life: "We can guarantee that we will not be in the same place tomorrow ... we all learn in our own way and in our own time ... grace lets us be gentle with our own and others' vulnerabilities. Trust your own knowing and ability to think wisely, maintain a balance, go well, and keep chasing the light," she told the students.

Year 6 Grad_2

Year 6 girls Mia and Lucia shared their reflections on all they have gained during their Junior School years, including the challenging experiences brought about by the COVID pandemic: "We made the best of it and got through, learning to have the courage to break through difficulty, but most importantly we learned that it takes courage to be kind .... we thank the teachers for guiding us, encouraging us and listening to us ... but we would not have had any of these experiences without our parents."

The Head of Middle School Ms Amy Webb paid tribute to the Junior School teachers for the exceptional work they do with the students, especially in anticipation of the upcoming Year 6 PYP Exhibition. She also emphasised the importance of the parent-School partnership and encouraged the parents to increasingly stand on the sidelines as the girls progress, so they can learn to take charge.

Year 6 Grad_1

This year's graduation was greatly enhanced by a piano performance of Chopin's Grand Valse Brilliante in E-flat major Op. 18, by the talented Reika (Year 6), who was the Division 1 Winner at the Board of Governors' Junior School Music Awards. Year 6 voices also joined in a beautiful rendition of Don Besig's Flying Free, with its themes of loving, soaring and making the most of every day.

The biggest applause, however, was reserved for a video compilation of the students dancing to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It perfectly depicted their ability to bring out the best in each other and the friendship and trust they will carry with them into the Senior School.