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VIP Guests

A long time coming, the 2022 Junior School Grandparents and Grand-friends Day was well worth the wait.


With much excitement, we welcomed our grandparents and grand friends onto campus on Monday, after a hiatus of three years. Five hundred people RSVP'd for one of three morning tea events and the chance to enjoy a window into their granddaughter's educational experience.


Over scones with jam and cream, they mingled with each other and their granddaughters’ friends, while enjoying a performance from students in Kindergarten to Year 2. It included a preview of the girls’ upcoming nativity play and pieces with lyrics that perfectly suited the occasion: 'There are people who love us no matter what we do ... and who we love too!"


Head of Junior School Ms Justine Lind spoke of the treasured relationships between grandparents and granddaughters before the girls led their special guests across campus, introducing them to the places and people they love and showing off the work they have done this year. Zoe wanted to share her English writing, Sierra wanted to demonstrate the maths she has learned, Sophie wanted to take her grandmother to see her artistic endeavours, and Fleur wanted to give her grandfather a thorough tour of the Junior School facilities. "I am just happy to come and see where they are growing up and feeling happy," said Sophie's grandmother; "I think it presents so many opportunities for them to come to a good school and work hard," said Sierra's grandmother; "It is wonderful to see the quality of learning here. Girls' education is exceptionally important, especially in this day and age," said Fleur’s grandfather.


All in all, it was a huge day of discovery and friendship-making. We can’t wait to welcome them all back on campus soon.