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The Little Things

Ella’s (Year 12) speech at the Principal’s Assembly recognised the huge impact of small gestures.

“When considering what I could present to you today of value, I decided on a personal story about the effect of simple acts of kindness – because you never know what others are going through.

In the midst of my Term 2 Year 11 exams, I was playing my weekly Hockey game at Homebush. It was towards the end of the first half, and we weren’t doing too well. So, I decided the other team would not achieve any more goals on my watch. To display my courage and duty to my team, I plunged myself in front of the striker as she entered the circle. Unbeknownst to me she kept swinging … and swung into my nose. As I sat on the sidelines with blood gushing, I just kept crying. Not even from the pain but because I was so worried that I would not have time to study, and I just wanted to go home.

After a long day in the hospital emergency room, I returned home with the news of a broken nose and feeling very down. Picture the embodiment of the character Sadness from the film Inside Out. It was as though all my worries had caught up with me and I felt very overwhelmed.

But what I now look back on from those tumultuous few days, is all the people who showed their love and care for me and really put their ‘Hands In’ to help. People were constantly looking out for me and making me feel appreciated. Just one example was my fellow Middle School Prefect Zoe who dropped a card and flowers at my house.

Sadly, sometimes I think you need these moments to realise how special the people around you really are.

What I hope you take away from my experience is that everyone deserves to feel as though they have the ‘hands in’ of everyone else.

In the spirit of my mother's golden rule to treat everyone as you would like to be treated, I encourage us all to take a moment to be less selfish and put our hands in to support someone else, especially in the last two weeks of school.”


Middle School Prefect