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Records Smashed


The 2022 Secondary School Swimming Carnival was a vibrant day of House spirit and swimming prowess.

Amid a keen sense of competition, the students bonded, formed new friendships and encouraged their friends in the pool with a riot of colourful House costumes and chants. Hooke House was triumphant overall with a total score of 2,120 points, Messiter came second with a score of 1,944, and Palmer was third with 1,549.



Nine records were broken across the day, including by Year 8 swimmer Alexandra, who ripped up the Open Invitation 50m Freestyle with a new time of 27.19. In a warm show of community support, our previous record holder Phoebe Cater (2009), was on hand to present her with the trophy. Alexandra's other record-breaking achievements were:

  • 14 years 50m Freestyle 27.33
  • 14 years 50m Butterfly 29.52
  • Junior 100m Freestyle 59.39
  • Open Invitation 50m Freestyle 27.19

Fellow Year 8 student Taylah broke the 14 Years 50m Backstroke record in a time of 31.67, and Isabella (Year 11) broke the 17 Years 50m Butterfly in a time of 29.50 and the Senior 100m Freestyle in a time of 1:00.14.


The spirit of collaboration was also strong, with Jackson House breaking the record for the Junior 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay in a time of 2:02.95 and Ralston House breaking the recode in the All Age 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay with a time of 3:08.59.


The prize for creativity was harder to judge, with all Houses making a splash with their eye-catching, humour-filled ensembles.


The girls in the Junior School put on an extraordinary showing at their carnival on Wednesday, displaying both pool prowess and keen sportsmanship. The overall results reflect some exceptional individual and House performances and will be released next week.


While the carnival is undoubtedly a competition, it is also about supporting one's fellow students. The girls showed this in abundance, cheering on their teammates regardless of whether they were in first place or last.


This spirit of camaraderie was evident throughout the competition and a major contributor to the success of the event. Overall, it was a remarkable day for the Junior School, one that showcased both the talent and character of its students.