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Year 6 Camp

While Australia was getting ready to vote in the week beginning Monday 16 May, Wenona Year 6 students were enjoying their first foray into the world of Australian politics, on a whistle-stop tour of Canberra.

Y6 2022 Canberra20

Y6 2022 Canberra18

Their trip took in both Old Parliament House and New Parliament House, where they practised voting and asked intelligent questions that led to insights about the history and dynamics of the nation’s government.

Y6 2022 Canberra9

Y6 2022 Canberra19

“We learned about how the voting system works, the important parts of the chamber like the mace and saw things that most people don’t often get to experience,” said Georgie.

Y6 2022 Canberra12

An exploration of Questacon at night provided a rare chance to see science experiments up close and gain an understanding of natural occurrences such as earthquakes and Mars quakes.

Y6 2022 Canberra13

“Everything was closed off because it was nighttime, so we got to see science experiments where things exploded up close, and learn fun things about bees ”, said Lily.

Y6 2022 Canberra10

Perhaps the girls’ favourite site was the Australian War Museum. “The Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier was moving and we learned about the history of World War One and World War Two”, said Nina.

Y6 2022 Canberra17

They also tested their sporting skills at the Australian Institute of Sport, trialled advanced virtual reality training platforms and experienced the thrill of celebrating together on the podium.

Y6 2022 Canberra16

Y6 2022 Canberra15