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Year 12 retreat to gain perspective

One of the benefits of a retreat is to give fresh ways of seeing, to withdraw from the pressures of the everyday and so gain insights and perspective.

Yr12 Retreat228

Our Year 12 students were able to tailor their own Academic Retreat program recently, to focus on specific academic subjects as well as activities that refuel and motivate them. A range of sessions were provided onsite last week, over three days, to develop habits of effective learning while supporting wellbeing and balance.

Yr12 Retreat222

Provided by a team of dedicated Wenona staff, our students had guided sessions to focus on exam, literacy and writing techniques for various HSC subjects, with breaks provided to do yoga, dance, aerobics, floral arranging, boxercise or thread therapy…and make healthy and delicious snacks to fuel the brain and body!

Yr12 Retreat225

A twilight garden session, ‘Gogh and Gozleme’, ably coordinated by Xanthe Muston (Class of 2017) and Alexandra Angus (Class of 2021) allowed all of Year 12 to get together to celebrate their community and create those special final-year memories.
Year 12’s theme in 2022 is ‘Own your story’, and this structured retreat encouraged them to do just that- to consider their academic and their wellbeing needs, and to further boost their motivation as they continue on their Year 12 journey.

Yr12 Retreat227

Judging by the comments below, our Year 12 loved their retreat and we feel confident that the aims of this retreat were achieved:

“It was good to learn more about anxiety and stress and how to differentiate between them.”

“The Mamma Mia sing-along was amazing!”

Yr12 Retreat224

“I’m going to focus more on the question and not get sucked down the black hole.”

“I am surprised by how easy it is to improve my writing skills if I implement the right strategies.”

Yr12 Retreat223

“Although we weren’t able to go away, I think this was just as fun and we were able to spend time together as a year group and bond.”

Yr12 Retreat226