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White and Blue Reunion

The memories were flowing in the School Hall on Wednesday 18 May as more than 40 of our cherished Alumnae who left Wenona 40 or more years ago, joined us for lunch and the chance to reminisce at the 2022 White and Blue Reunion.

White and Blue 224


It was fantastic to witness their enjoyment, as the women reconnected, forged new friendships and toured the School’s beautiful campus developments.

White and Blue 22

Dr Scott’s address included the message that while the Wenona might look very different, so very much is the same.

White and Blue 226

“The motto ‘That I May Serve’, which is quoted to the students from Kindergarten to Year 12, still really matters. It is so fundamental to our work that these young women do not grow up feeling entitled, but rather with an understanding of their responsibility to give back to others”, Dr Scott said.

“If I can leave you with any encouragement, it would be to not underestimate your impact on this current generation. They are navigating a complex world and need wise women elders wherever they can find them”.

whiteand blue new

Wenona’s formally trained archivist Elizabeth Hartnell spoke of the spirit of shared memories that binds old School friends together, and displayed precious items from the School archives.


Anyone wishing to donate memorabilia to our treasured collection is asked to please email: archive@wenona.nsw.edu.au.