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Wenona STEMinists

If you take a wander around Wenona after 3:15pm you will find students from Kindergarten to Year 8 getting hands-on in our STEM clubs, encouraging curiosity, initiative and problem-solving in a highly collaborative environment.


Our youngest explorers can focus on the physics of sport via moving models in Bricks4Kidz, while older students are learning to control and code drones and test them on an obstacle course.


Our Young Investigators are learning about Space this term, using lab equipment to create their own experiments and produce mini editable universes.


Code Campers have been learning a new feature every week to create a multi-level player game, using drag and drop coding and JavaScript.


And for those students who wish to construct their own game console and program their own games, CircuitMess is the place to be. Learning the basics of electronics, as well as how to solder and program a microcontroller will see the girls develop their own simple video games to take home and share.