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Use your voice

Every week in Assembly, members of Wenona’s Student Leadership Team share youthful insights and advice with their younger peers. This week’s message comes from Prefect Ruby.

A couple of months ago, I heard a group of people on my bus saying some derogatory things about women. I am often labelled outspoken, but even I found myself unsure of what to do. I just froze and walked away feeling disappointed in myself, because even though I had the platform to instil change, to express my opinion, to notify someone of their offensiveness, I had chosen to do nothing.

As a generalisation, women are often less inclined to speak up. I think this comes from the inherent fear of being labelled as dramatic, or criticised for taking something too seriously. I think this is why we stop ourselves - for a fear of being judged or mistreated. When in truth, if the conversation is about us, we should be the ones to dictate the message.

More than ever, women’s voices are valued in society. More women’s sport on an international level is being played and funded than ever before, with new role models arising for young girls to aspire to be. We are moving in the right direction, but it takes individuals to speak up, to start a movement.

It is easy for me to stand up here and tell you to speak out for what you believe in, when I myself am not that good at it. The truth is, sometimes it is hard. Sometimes you know that by calling someone out, things are going to be uncomfortable and awkward. Sometimes it may feel like people won’t like you because of it.

However, I encourage you to speak up. Express what you are passionate about, despite any fear that someone may disagree with you or judge you for your opinion. Challenge your friends and educate your family. We are in a position to instil change, and that starts with the people around us. Use your voice.


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