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Twosday brought two much fun to Woodstock!

Woodstock students were only two delighted to engage in the Twosday fun on Tuesday 22 February, 2022.


Entering the piazza on Tuesday morning, students were met with giant balloons that showed the special date, a palindromic number. Many students pondered how often dates like this occur and tried to calculate when another Twosday will happen. Another Twosday won’t occur for 200 years!


They delighted in sharing special Twosday cupcakes during a rainy recess, while trying to guess ‘who is who’ in photos of the Woodstock staff when they were two years old.


All Woodstock students created time capsules for their future selves, to be opened on 3rd March, 2033. They had lots of fun thinking about how they might be the same and how they might be different in the year 2033. What new interests will they have? What new dreams will they have? What adventures will they have been on?


Kindergarten students were excited to learn about the new calendar in their classroom and connect the numbers, months and days of the week to understand what ‘Twosday’ was all about. When they realised that Twosday sounded like Tuesday, the class all started to clap because ‘it’s so funny that it’s on a Tuesday’. The excitement continued later in the week as students looked at their photos and reflected on how they have grown and changed since they were two years old. Students told funny stories about the things that they did and said when they were two years old.


Kindergarten added photos and drawings of their favourite things to their time capsule. Year 1 students, who were already exploring time capsules as part of their inquiry unit, spent time creating figures to represent things in their lives that are important in 2022. They reflected on how their thoughts and ideas may change over time.

Year 1

Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 wrote letters to their future selves and Year 1 realised that they would be in Year 12 in 2033. Lily in Year 2 even wished her future self a ‘Happy Threesday’ for 3/3/33.


They examined Old English, Latin and Greek words that imply ‘two’, such as twice, twin, between, bicycle, divide, duo and duet. They had lots of great ideas for composing sentences with ‘two’ words.


Year 3 also explored two-dimensional shapes, symmetry and patterns, examining the role the concept of ‘two’ plays in mathematical thinking. Lots of fun to be had with sudoku and doubling numbers.

All in all, there was ‘two’ much learning fun all day long in Woodstock!