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To Market, To Market!

Students in Year 10 Commerce worked collaboratively throughout Term 1 to present their small business concept to their peers via their recent Market Day.

market new 

Their entrepreneurial journey began with comprehensive market research amongst their fellow Wenonians, and after evaluation, their business plans developed, and each member of the team took on managerial roles that covered Finance, Marketing and Operations.

And as with any small business, a variety of developmental goals were set within a specified timeframe.

Market Stalls 223

How were the teams judged to be successful and capable business managers? The student teams were asked to present a business report to demonstrate marketing outcomes, staffing measures, and profit and loss statements. With a range of small businesses selling delicious foods to hungry Wenona girls, was it the Ice Cream, the Pasta or the Dumpling masters who ran their business the most effectively?

Market Stalls 224

Spreadsheets are being analysed as we write this article, so it’s hard to know for sure, but there certainly were many happy staff and students in the Undercroft sampling the range of foods and supporting their fellow business owners.

Market Stalls 225

It would be very interesting to see if this Commerce assignment has kick-started future entrepreneurs, and let’s hope when they are in the Boardroom they will remember the key skills and experiences they developed with this unit of work.

Market Stalls 222