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Teamwork makes the dream work

Year 6 headed off to camp at Chowder Bay for three days in Week 4. Even though our overnight camp was called off due to COVID-safety regulations, our moods weren’t dampened. We started off camp with a pep in our step, loads of smiling faces and a craving for fun.

Yr6 Camp225

With the guidance from the amazing outdoor education provider, Land’s Edge, we were able to expand our learner profiles, go out of our comfort zone and get a better understanding of water activities! Each camp leader brought something to the experience, whether it was extremely difficult riddles we had to decode, or an energetic, encouraging spirit to help brighten our day even more.

Yr6 Camp223

The snorkelling was a great experience for everyone, learning signals to use to talk underwater expanded our communication skills. Some girls were wary at first, but it soon turned into a fun experience for everyone; some even saw stingrays! And I think all the groups can agree that the jetty-jumping was a favourite activity!

Yr6 Camp222

Harry and Will (nicknamed Jeff and Morgan) did an amazing job leading the kayaking and we all had a great time playing World Domination with them and the instructors. Although it might have been a bit tiring pushing the oars through the water, it was a fun experience for all of us!

Yr6 Camp227

I doubt anyone was really looking forward to the bushwalking, but oh how we were wrong. Five minutes before we started the rain decided to pay a visit and pour down, but it stopped the second we stepped foot on the track. But with rain comes puddles, then pools, then there’s no way to escape wet feet and splashing water. So, of course, we ran through those puddles like nothing was stopping us, and we ended up having a great time. All groups had an amazing time splashing in the puddles and flooded basketball courts. Group 1 also did an amazing chorus of “We don’t talk about Bruno” from Disney’s Encanto.

Yr6 Camp224

Yr6 Camp226

We saw different shells and animals such as lizards, fish, a turtle and we even saw a friendly seal who is a common visitor among Chowder Bay residents.

Yr6 Camp2210

Some of the most exciting activities were sailing and standup paddle boarding. Everyone loved it and we used our thinking skills to figure out how to turn the standup paddle boards, and we also used communication skills to communicate on the boats. Some groups also had a sandcastle and raft building competition. With amazing builds from both groups, everyone's spirits were lifted greatly.

Yr6 Camp229

We worked as a team marvellously, whether we were surviving the strong winds in sailing or not letting the wet weather ruin our spirits. We demonstrated all the learner profile attributes throughout the experience and helped one another when we needed it.
Nothing could stop Year 6 as we persevered through all the challenges of camp, working together and having an overall good time, and as they say, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work!’

Yr6 Camp228

By Ines, Remy, Sarah and Leksi.
Year 6 students