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Taking the leap into Senior School

As Head of Middle School, it has been so affirming to see the students start their academic year this week.

Their eagerness to learn, and their sense of positivity has been felt in many of the classes, meetings and Connect Group checks over the last five days.

How wonderful it has been to witness the readjustment of the Year 7 cohort as they ‘take the leap’ into high school. We have worked through forgotten lunches, jammed padlocks on lockers, laptops displaying the coloured ‘wheel of death’, and of course reading a timetable and finding classrooms. Even though there have been nerves there has not been panic!


On Monday I had the pleasure of being greeted by Belle, Ellen and Matilda as I completed my morning meet and greet at the Walker Street gate. They warmly greeted staff and asked if they could speak with me. To my surprise, they opened their diaries where they had outlined things that they had to remember for the week ahead and things they wanted to clarify with me. I was flawed not only by their organisation, the presentation of their diaries and their manners, but more so by the sense of independence they had shown. It was a firm reminder to me about the adaptability of the young people in our care and how we should not take for granted how quickly they can step up.

Well done to all of our young women as they have commenced this year in such a strong way.

Amy new
Ms Amy Webb
Head of Middle School