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Stay True to Yourself

I would like to start by welcoming all the new faces we have here at Wenona. My name is Emily, and I am your current school captain.

Everyone here is so excited to meet you, get to know you, and watch you grow into amazing young women. I’m sure you have heard it already, but you are only new for one day and then you are a Wenonian. Along the way you will learn so many new things about yourselves and others, you will make so many new friends and you will embrace the values we strive for – strength, bravery, wisdom, kindness and grace.

This year, I want to place importance on our school initiative “owning your story” and how individually we need to celebrate our differences and be proud of the people we are becoming. As some of you might remember – last year on Celebration Day we talked about flying with our own wings and how to do that we need to find a hero that inspires us, someone who gives us the motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. As we start the year, I want you to all think about who your hero is and how they can create a positive impact on the person you are. It can be anyone you want – from people on the sporting field to people on the big screen, or even someone you know who inspires you.

Two nights ago, my family and I, along with millions of other Australians, watched Ash Barty win the Australian open, the first time an Australian woman has done so in 44 years. I have said it before – Ash shows incredible amounts of humility yet quiet belief in who she is, something I know I aspire to have and continue to strive for. Alongside Ash, Dylan Alcott, our 2022 Australian of the Year, has created a national conversation capable of reshaping the perspective many people have on the disabled community. Whilst he is an incredible tennis player, it is his determination to create change and be heard by so many people that is inspiring. These two role models have owned their story in their own ways, they focus on what they want, what they can control and who they are as people and ultimately have achieved things they one day dreamed of.

As young women, we have these heroes because they give us guidance, they make us happy and teach us life lessons that will help us navigate the world. This year as we own our stories, I encourage you to look up to your hero in the hope that they can allow you to fly with your own wings. No matter who they are whether it is Moana, Jacinda Ardern, Ash Barty, or someone close to you like your mum, let them prove to you that individually we are all so different, yet that’s what makes our stories.

So, welcome back, 2022 is going to be a year of positivity and a year where we hold our heads up high. You are all so strong and are ready for the challenges that might be thrown at you. Continue to be curious and wise. Be kind to everyone you meet and most importantly be yourself. If you are just beginning your journey with us or almost at the end, I wish you the best of luck this year and look forward to seeing how you own your stories.

I would like to leave you with this quote from the woman of the moment, Ash Barty -
“I’ve had my struggles but when I became vulnerable and enjoyed being me, that was the best part. So, for young girls and boys, stay true to yourself and chase your dreams. Then see what happens.”

Thank you


School Captain 2021/2022