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Sparring for Armenia

Against a soundtrack of rousing 80’s anthems, daring staff and House Captain Sumo wrestlers battled for supremacy in the Big Gym ring on Thursday 5 May, to raise money for the Armenian Children’s Fund Australia.


Half the Secondary School flocked to cheer from the sidelines, as contestants attempted to wrestle each other in giant 11kg Sumo suits, often ending up lying on their backs.


Nevertheless, the drive and determination on display was impressive. “Be Scared!” Said Ms McNally, before tripping on her way into the ring, falling twice more during her bout, but finishing with a triumphant win, to the delight of the crowd.


A huge congratulations to the student School House organisers, who planned and oversaw the event, including baking and selling delicious treats and providing entertaining pre-and-post-match interviews.


Wenona has long supported the Armenian Children’s Fund Australia, which was established by the Soghomonian family and supports schools and orphanages in Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Martuni, and Aygut. Further donations can be made here.