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Peer Support

Year 10 students bonded over interactive wellbeing training, as they learnt to lead their younger peers.

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Leadership skills training is an integral part of the educational experience, necessary not only for a successful career but a successful life.

On Wednesday 11 May, Year 10 students took part in a high-spirited leadership workshop conducted by wellbeing facilitators Burn Bright.

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The session was designed to train Year 10 to be effective role models for new students in Year 7, and to actively create and promote a positive school environment.

Gathered in the Independent Theatre, they shared personal stories and collaborated on challenges as the springboard for learning about ‘servant leadership’, teamwork and effective facilitation.

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The outcome was some inspired discussion around the importance of being a good person, ways to instil confidence and uplift younger peers, and the potential of every student to make a life-changing, positive impact on the world if they try.

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