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NSW Senior Age State Championships

During the January 2022 School holidays, the Wenona Swim Club was represented by 8 swimmers at the Senior Age State Swimming Championships. The event was a resounding success, with 16 finals converted into 4 medals and a record number of National Age Qualifiers who will compete in Adelaide during the April holidays.

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Swimmers prepared for the competition by attending the Wenona Swim camp, which was held in the lead up to the event and had a large number of attendees. It certainly had a positive impact on the performances of the girls come State Championships.

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The upcoming months with the IGSA Swim carnival and National Age events on the horizon are going to be exciting as we continue to improve and build a strong depth of swimmers across all strokes.

Results Summary
• 4 Medals
• 16 Finals / Top 10 in NSW
• 24 PB’s achieved out of 31 events
• 23rd Ranked Women’s Club
• 6 National Age Qualifiers

Individual Results

Isabella Donnelley - 16yrs

50 Backstroke 4th (PB)
50 Butterfly 6th (PB)
100 Backstroke 10th
50 Freestyle 17th

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Kira Long - 13yrs

50 Backstroke 3rd (PB)
50 Freestyle 3rd (PB)
100 Freestyle 6th (PB)
200 Backstroke 6th (PB)
200 Freestyle 8th (PB)
100 Backstroke 15th (PB)

Ali Sharp - 13yrs

200 Freestyle 7th (PB)
100 Freestyle 7th (PB)
50 Freestyle 7th (PB)
50 Backstroke 29th (PB)

Isabel Klineberg - 13yrs

100 Freestyle (PB)
50 Freestyle (PB)

Taylah Markulin - 13yrs

2nd 100 Backstroke (PB)
2nd 200 Backstroke (PB)
4th 50 Backstroke (PB)
100 Freestyle (PB)
50 Freestyle (PB)

Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones - 15yrs

50 Breaststroke 9th
50 Butterfly 23rd
50 Backstroke 28th
50 Freestyle 50th

Grace Vonwiller - 13yrs

50 Freestyle (PB)
100 Backstroke (PB)
50 Backstroke (PB)

Sophie Moulder - 15yrs

50 Butterfly 32nd

Swim News3

12-14yrs 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay
Ali Sharp, Kira Long, Isabel Klineberg, Grace Vonwiller 6th (PB)

12-17yrs 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay
Kira Long, Ali Sharp, Isabella Donnelley, Isabel Klineberg 13th (PB)