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National Reconciliation Week

Commemorations continued across campus all week, as students from Years 7-12 shared their passion for facilitating reconciliation in Australia.

Assembly slide

We were inspired during Assembly, by the students' passionate cross-year group dialogues that explored 20 ‘actions to make change’ and their determination to enact them.


“We can make change in lots of little areas in our lives to contribute to the larger cause. I do this in my life by educating my family members, and respectfully holding my family to account if they make racist statements. This is how we can ‘be brave’”, said Ally (Year 12).


“I’m personally looking into the 3rd 'action' of getting my facts correct. I’ve been looking into some of the resources they provided like ABC Indigenous and NITV on SBS, and learnt some really interesting information. Like the story of 18-year-old Daniel Yock’s death from 1993 and what it reveals on brutality in the Australian policing systems”, said Nashara (Year 11).


“I was interested in the seventh action of 'learning your local history' and have discovered that Wenona was built on the land of the Cammeraygal people who have lived on this land for thousands of years”, said Georgina (Year 8).

Other student-led activities across campus have included an Amnesty meeting on Reconciliation, a BBQ and a busking session, to raise money and awareness.

“Most importantly, it is vital that we make these changes permanently in our lives, to ensure that reconciliation is achieved for all Indigenous people at all times”, Ally said.

The full list of Actions to Make Change can be found here