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Making things happen

Rosie, School House Captain and the Duke of Ed Captain, shared her Clear Calcite crystal and its uplifting powers with us this week.

When I was in Year 1, I very sadly missed my ‘Show and Tell’ presentation, so I thought I’d make up for it now, only 11 years later!

Today I’ve brought with me my favourite (and only!) crystal. It’s called ‘Clear Calcite’ and despite being slightly rough around the edges, it is a powerful stone for purification and amplification. It sits on my desk at home and makes a few debuts at school, bringing motivation, upliftment and, believe it or not, it helps to overcome laziness. But wait – there’s more! My favourite thing about it, that Crystal Earth Spirit.com told me last night, is that it “enhances trust in oneself and strengthens our ability to overcome setbacks.”

Now, in the past 2 years we have all, unavoidably, been set back by COVID restrictions and lockdowns. And, at some stages, instead of ‘owning our stories’, it has felt like our stories have owned us. But as restrictions ease and the world opens up, the good news stories are not hard to come by. Yesterday, for the first time in two years, Australia’s borders reopened to fully vaccinated international tourists, and Sydney airport welcomed 20 flights with Vegemite and Tim Tams. On Saturday, more than 100 refurbished bikes were sent from the NSW town of Griffith to Samoa to help isolated young girls get to and from school. And for the first time, Sydney University’s law school has appointed a female Indigenous practitioner-in-residence, Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, Teela Reid.

Now despite what I said at the beginning of this speech, I doubt it was a crystal that made all of these things happen. I know, I know, this Clear Calcite can’t do it all! Instead, it was people working hard, working together and working for the better to make good things occur.

And like these stories being written, we can do the same. As school activities get back to normal, you may find yourself ‘owning your story’ at Knitting Club or talking to someone new, or maybe even signing up to Duke of Ed and cross country. As Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said, “Progress isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up”. I guess he isn’t called “The Rock” for no reason!


Rosie (Year 12)
Duke of Edinburgh Captain 2021/2022
School House Captain 2021/2022