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Keeping safe in cyberspace

Wenona students have been very fortunate to hear from one of Australia’s leading experts in the area of cyber safety, Susan McClean.

As a former member of Victoria Police, Ms McClean earned a reputation as the ‘cyber cop’. She is passionate about helping children to practise smart internet habits, in order to stay safe online, and she shared with our Year 3 to 6 students key Internet rules and regulations.


Using the three Rs helps students think about making good choices online: Respect, Responsibility and Reputation. Ms McClean encouraged the students to ask questions of themselves, such as ‘Is what I’m about to do showing respect? Is it responsible? How could this affect the reputation of myself or others?’  


She also talked about cyberbullying, what it means and what to do if it happens to you. We know to talk to a trusted adult and that we can find help and advice on the esafety.gov.au website.

This session provided the opportunity for our students to start building the critical-thinking skills and habits to safely navigate any online dilemmas they might encounter.