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Healthy Achievement

Our 2022/23 Deputy Head Prefect Sophie shines a spotlight on the importance of choosing supportiveness over toxic competitiveness.

These days it can feel like we young women must always be the absolute best at what we do, to be perfect, and to ‘win’, lest we fail to ‘fulfil our potential’. Sometimes that pressure might feel like it comes from external forces, but more often than not, it comes from within.

For as long as I can remember, I have been the competitive one in my family (middle children know what I’m talking about!) With both a sister and a brother, I was determined to beat them at everything. I always had to win.

Now, I’m afraid to admit that at eight years old, this may have manifested in some ‘manoeuvring’ on family game day, including perhaps some stacking of the UNO deck, or some hidden reserves of cash in monopoly. Yes indeed, these were the years of my questionable morality.

Yet, despite my mischievous ways, I soon realized the foolishness of the ‘false win’. That is, I quickly understood that playing silly games on the weekend with my siblings, it was our banter and laughter that I loved, not having a perfectly undeserved record in UNO.

My point today, as many of us move into our final years of school, is that despite what we are often told by those around us, from social media, from archaic systems that feel the need to rank us, is that we don't need to compete with each other, or win, to be happy.

Though it may sound cliched, we need to enjoy the journey, and the amazing people we are taking it with.

This merry-go-round we are all on will have good days and bad days, wins and losses. It will never be perfect - not for any of us. So, if we look out for each other, support and laugh with our friends and peers - rather than compete - we might just find that being imperfect together, is the best thing we can be.

I have no doubt that if we keep this in mind, every Wenona student will end up exactly where they wish - no hidden draw fours or wildcards needed.


Deputy Head Prefect 2022/2023