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Growing Through Disappointment

Every week in Assembly, members of Wenona’s Student Leadership Team share youthful insights and advice with their younger peers. This week’s message comes from Deputy Head Prefect Nashara.

I have high expectations for myself. We all do in some capacity. They may take the form of a long-term aspiration to win accolades and awards. But most likely, they take the shape of predicting we will do well in a Maths test, but just falling short. Or perhaps we have invested a great deal of time and effort in pursuing a goal, only to face disappointment when we are not rewarded in the way we had hoped.

But as a Wenonian, we have a ‘key’ of sorts, to help us maintain a sense of peace. It lies in how we respond. Dr Scott has often shared with us her advice on how to avoid basing our self-worth on a single aspect of our lives. Today, I want to be your proof, your assurance that this idea works if you allow it to.

It is no secret that life has its many tribulations and challenges. They help us to grow as we age. It can be exhausting to keep going back and forth between feeling tired from working so hard, to despair and regret when things don’t go our way. Responding by taking a step back, breathing a little, forgiving ourselves and moving on, can make a difference.

I’d forgive you for thinking this is easier said than done. Of course, it is, and it will continue to be. But we are strong, independent, Renaissance women … and practice makes perfect. While we would all like a magic solution, this does not reflect reality. But that doesn’t mean that taking a step back and reflecting won’t have an effect.

So Wenonians, whether you’re making a speech to receive a high-end Hollywood award or about to start your exam week and are feeling a little overwhelmed at what might go wrong, I implore you to remember to be kind to yourselves regardless of the outcome. Everyone is proud of you, for simply trying.


Deputy Head Prefect 2022/23