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Bon appetit Wenona!

Year 9 Food Technology students have been busy orienting themselves to the industrial kitchen in Wenona’s Athenaeum over the first few weeks of term.

French Toast2

As highly engaged Food Technology ‘newbies’, the students’ skills and confidence grew significantly, such that their first practical lesson, making delicious French Toast, proved to be a resounding success! French Toast, often called 'eggy bread' is a dish made of sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs and typically milk, then pan fried.

French Toast3

It even involved healthy discussion of the origins of the dish, and the cost of French Toast at their local cafés.

French Toast5

Prior to their first cooking experience at School, the students participated in an Eggs 3 Ways Masterclass, which provided an introduction to safety, hygiene and cooking skills essential to Food Technology. Alongside learning about the digestive system and nutrition, the girls have Carrot Bliss Balls, Greek Pasta Salad and Tahini Brownies to look forward to over the coming weeks!

French Toast4

Our more seasoned Year 12 Food Technology students are studying Food Manufacturing, exploring the technologies used in the production and processing of food products. Next up will be an investigation into the principles of food preservation to extend the life of food and maintain safety.


Of course, practical lessons complement theory, and his week Year 12 Food Tech students were lucky enough to be making individual apple pies, with a focus on quality control and quality management. They really do look good enough to eat!