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Design is intelligence made visible

Innovation and creative problem solving are recognised as key to tackling a whole range of environmental, industrial and medical challenges.

Our students are developing these skills, through such subjects as Technology and Applied Studies, Design and Technology and Engineering Studies, as well as a range of STEM clubs.


Year 7 Technology students are learning about the methods used, including sketching and modelling, to generate creative ideas and how to communicate them. Starting with an investigation of the Wenona environment, the Year 7 girls designed wildlife feeders and worked on their isometric drawings.


Year 8 Technology students were given a design brief: make a lamp no larger than A5 size, that would appeal to a young girl. After producing their designs using Adobe Illustrator, they used the laser cutter to create the resin lamp tops, and they will later incorporate these into their final products.


Year 12 DT students, at the end of their six years of study, are working on their Major Design Projects (MDP), which applies a range of design and production processes learned over previous years. The girls were engaged in the development of ideas and critical analysis, undertaking comprehensive research into comparable concepts, sketching and developing prototypes. Their MDPs must identify a genuine problem or need, justify the final project concept that would meet this need, and demonstrate that they have tested and evaluated the product. These are design projects that respond to real-world needs, and demonstrate innovation and creative thought.


If the best way to predict the future is to create it, then our Wenonians are well on their way!