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Dancing with the stars of Wenona

Wenona has introduced Dance into our Creative Arts curriculum, and we are so excited to see our students in the studio with Head of Dance, Mr Peter Fares.

Peter Fares

The Dance Program at Wenona aims to provide students with a pathway into the theatre and commercial dance world, where students will evolve as versatile performers and artists, connecting to the audience, the dancers around them, and to themselves. The study of Dance acknowledges the interrelationship between the practical and theoretical aspects of dance, the making and performing of the movement and the appreciation of its meaning.


As well as developing their technical skills as dancers and performers, dance students improve their choreographic skills to expand their understanding of dance composition.


Dancers develop an appreciation of dance artworks through the study of seminal artists, their works and how they contribute to the development of dance in society.


Wenona aims to develop highly skilled practitioners who are exposed to Contemporary dance techniques, who will develop control and articulation while building their endurance and strength.

Students may select Dance as a subject from Year 9, and can continue with this through to Year 12 (and beyond!).