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Building a brighter tomorrow

Amelie's nationwide work to improve the lives of others

At just 17, Amelie (Year 11) has a substantial six-page CV. Almost every entry tells a story about her commitment to improve conditions for as many people as she can. It is a spirit of contribution, that earned her the 2020 Alumnae Spirit Award at Foundation Day last term, for services to the School and external community. "My only regret is that I did not begin sooner," Amelie says, with characteristic self-depreciation.

DSCott Mimi retouched 


The Pride Alliance Club in Year 9, was her first experience of beyond the classroom activities. “It opened my eyes to what I could achieve and the benefits of working towards a cause bigger than myself, snowballing from there. As I uncovered further personal interests and ways to help, I signed myself up to more and more”. Now for Amelie, it seems every waking moment is dedicated to a service activity or academic work, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of Amelie’s contributions take the form of paid roles. For instance, she is currently employed by NSW Health on a three-year contract as a Youth Health Promotion consultant, organising and facilitating workshops and events and providing feedback for audits to healthcare agencies. She is also a One Girl Ambassador, coordinating fundraising efforts toward educational scholarships for young women in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

In 2021, Amelie initiated The Admissions Project, to advocate for increased preventative health care within the public system. This involved researching and advocating against outdated admissions criteria for inpatient eating disorder treatment, which resulted in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital changing its admissions criteria.

For the Butterfly Collective, she raises awareness for the struggles of people with eating disorders. Consulting for the organisation Eating Disorder Media, which is associated with the National Mental Health Commission, she also writes blogs and inspiring quotes based on her personal experience.

The NSW Ethics Centre Moral Courage Group benefits from Amelie's ability to share her knowledge and personal experience through discussions surrounding mental health.

Within school, she has tutored girls in preparation for challenging Mathematics and science competitions. As a member of the Upper School Advisory Team, she collaborated with teaching staff and students to build more cohesion in the Upper School. Amelie has also participated in the Mock Trial, Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign, and is a member of the Wenona Production Crew.

She has supported efforts to fight institutionalised racism, child hunger and climate change by fundraising through World Vision’s Walk the Talkathon and the 40-Hour Famine and helped organise climate marches of up to 10,000 people. Volunteering for Our Big Kitchen Bondi and writing letters to the elderly in nursing homes, to help “solve inequalities in society with small actions”, are also among her service efforts.

But perhaps the pursuit still dearest to her heart is the Pride Alliance Club, for which Amelie now serves as President. “I love organising engaging workshops on topics relevant to LGBTQ+ and finding ways to cater to and support the needs of students across year groups and social backgrounds", she says.

Alongside her many academic and co-curricular School awards, Mimi has a new achievement. She just returned from studying Psychology at Oxford University through their Summer in Oxford Program. It represents another step in her journey towards a career in the field, with the aim of using her considerable talents and skills to improve mental health on a broad scale.

According to Wenona Alumnae President Luisa Horton (Brown, 2005), Amelie’s is definitely a contribution is worth celebrating. “She is a very worthy recipient of the 2022 Wenona Alumnae Spirit Award. On behalf of the Wenona Alumnae Association and everyone at Wenona, I’d like to congratulate her on her action to support young people both at Wenona and across Australia and her passion for raising awareness about important issues. Amelie sets a remarkable example to us all for making a positive difference in the world”.