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Boarders Give Back

Last weekend was alive with industry and the spirit of giving for our family of boarders, who prepared and cooked 206 meals for homeless people in the Sydney area, supported by the charity Kids Giving Back and its Cook4Good project.

Boarders Cook4

On the menu were chickpea and feta salad and Cajun red lentil soup, a healthy and nourishing pairing, perfect for autumn’s cooler weather.

Boarders Cook2

According to Homelessness NSW, unmet demand for homelessness services is on the rise across NSW, due to the knock-on effects of rising property prices and low rental vacancy rates.

“Our participation in Cook4Good has raised the boarders’ awareness of this important cause and the need to contribute in meaningful ways,” said Head of Boarding, Nonie Ayling.

‘’It shocked me to learn about the high rates of homelessness among kids in this area, so It was really good to be able to help,’ said Lucy (Year 7).

“It made me realise how privileged we are, and it was good to start focusing on how to use this privilege well,” said Valerie (Year 8).

“It was good because it made me start thinking of what else we can do and how,” said Olivia (Year 10).

Boarders Cook3

A side benefit of contributing to Cook4Good was the opportunity to deepen the boarders’ already strong friendships across year groups, through purposeful action. ‘It felt like we were sending a message of support through the meals,’ said Fiona (Year 8).

Any Wenona family can support the homeless with the help of Kids Giving Back and Cook4Good. See their website for details.

Boarders Cook final