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Assuming the Mantle of Global Leadership

Global 20222

“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done.” G. M. Trevelyan.

As members of the Global Citizen Student Ambassador Program, our Global Diversity Group Captains Ivy, Georgie, Valentina and Nashara, are enacting Wenona’s vision to ‘serve and shape their world’.

Through online collaboration with student leaders from schools across Australia and New Zealand, they are working to deepen their understanding of intercultural dialogue, diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion, as well as learning different leadership styles and how to use their influence to achieve compassionate outcomes.

Importantly, the Captains accepted the challenge of initiating a series of projects on the Wenona campus to foster global awareness, intercultural understanding, and international contribution - which are at the core of a Wenona education. They even recently showcased their work through a video broadcast to delegates at the International Conference for Transformative Education for Global Citizenship.

“Ours is a safe and inclusive environment that provides opportunities to build friendships across year groups, leadership skills and a strong student voice”, the Captains said. “Our activities aim to be both educational and fun, impacting not only the School, but the wider community”.
Key projects in 2022 have included the organisation of Harmony Week and Reconciliation Week activities, and a fundraiser and awareness campaign for the people of Ukraine. “We also organise student activities for first-period Connect lessons and are interviewing students and staff on their perspectives of internationalism and diversity, for a series of videos”.

Global 20225

International Classroom Collaborations
Year 12 Science Extension students have been acting globally through an educational partnership with students at Yashiro High School in Japan. Both sets of students have been improving their intercultural and scientific understanding by presenting the findings of their investigations to each other over Zoom. The relevant and timely topics include the impact of chemical interventions to preserve the freshness of vegetables, and a comparison of drug delivery methods in cancer therapy.

Global 20224

Meanwhile, our Year 10 Spanish students have been making friends and improving their language skills through a partnership with the Kipling Campus Irapuato school in Mexico. Every week since the beginning of the year they have been engaging in dialogue and posting written questions to improve every aspect of their Spanish learning. “It has been very motivating to see how this platform for communication has given students purpose for their Spanish learning, an authentic audience, as well as models to inspire their written productions in the language”, said teacher Kati Varela. The students’ conversations had a strong focus on travel and holiday destinations.

Global 20223

“We ran surveys to learn about their countries and got to share some really in-depth information”, said Amelia.

“It’s been cool getting to know them and see how much they have improved their English skills over the course of our conversations”, said Chloe.

“It was especially interesting because their culture is so different from ours and so distinct. I now know a lot now about Mexican dancing and food as well as improving my Spanish!” said Sophie.

“It’s different when you speak to a real person and you know they are your age – it definitely makes Spanish more enjoyable for me”, said Sarah.