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Artistic Fusion

In a union of mathematics, geometry and art, Year 11 Design and Technology students are creating some eye-popping multi-dimensional designs that embrace the visual potential of fractals.

Fractals are complex geometric patterns with a detailed, repeating structure that form infinitely complex shapes. Common in nature (snowflakes, lightning, river systems, the ventricles of the human heart and brain etc), they can also be identified in technology, architecture, and even the law.

Fractal NEW

“Just like professional designers, Wenona Textiles and Design students draw from a myriad of cultural, historical and geographical sources in creating their works”, says Ms McNally, Head of Technology and Applied Studies. “While the use of fractals is new to the students, they are an established source of inspiration for international fashion designers such as Iris Van Herpen and Zuhair Murad”.

Fractal Story4

The Year 11 fractal project was launched by an engaging visit from Mathematics and TAS teacher Ms Blake. Though fractals are a tertiary-level subject, she explained their discovery by Benoit Mandelbrot and their revolutionary impact on many fields including mathematics, computer science, technology and medicine.

Fractal Story

“One of the most exciting aspects of this project has been its cross-curricular potential. It has been a pleasure to witness the students gaining exposure to higher level mathematical concepts and making real-world connections”, Ms McNally says.

The students are now enjoying full creative license as they set about making a wall hanging using a wide range of advanced decorative techniques. These include free machine embroidery, hand embroidery, ice dyeing, laser cut appliques and beading – all of which provide a solid foundation for their HSC major work due next year.

Fractal Story2