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Appreciating Our 2021-2022 Student Leaders

School Captain Emily pays tribute to her fellow student leaders, as they pass the baton and graduate from their roles:

It is hard to believe that just 12 months ago, I was offered the opportunity to assume a leadership role that would challenge me, inspire me and contribute to who I am as a young woman. Alongside me, has been a diverse group of leaders facilitating in the areas of arts, sport, wellbeing, global, and House responsibilities. Now, as we pass the baton, I would like to acknowledge all they have done.

From boarding fundraisers to creative arts initiatives, giving back to the Wenona community has been our privilege. There is no greater feeling than being a part of a team – we performed better as a whole and achieved so much. As a group, we aimed to inspire with the idea of believing and ‘owning’ who you are as a person. We hope it was a theme that impacted you in some way, shape or form.

Alongside the School’s many achievements, the past year has brought enormous fun. Apart from the immense challenges, opportunities and a term and a half in lockdown, we saw games like Wordle, WordHurdle, and Globle, become our daily obsession. We witnessed Mr Zielinski play the saxophone disguised as Sia, Ms McNally take on and beat Ms Grun in Sumo wrestling and of course, Scotty James win the Silver Medal in the Winter Olympics. All these events, games and weird but funny experiences allowed us to recognise and appreciate the spirit and camaraderie of Wenona.

Personally, the past year has taught me so much about who I am. I have learnt to take on criticism, because it can be constant and not always kind. I have learnt to be brave and flexible in the face of the ever-changing conditions that seem to always come our way. The most valuable life lesson I will take from this role is the importance of kindness in any situation. The Dalai Lama says, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”. While leading can be challenging, I have tried to keep this in mind. Maybe just not on the netball court.

Leadership comes in different forms and every person has something to contribute. Whether you lead in bands or musicals, on the sporting field or in the classroom, we are capable of using our strengths to bring out the best in each other.

I wish the best of luck over the coming year to the new group of leaders. I know you will continue to inspire and embrace the values we embody at Wenona. Whether you have received a badge or not, each and every one of you has the ability to stand up for your own opinions and beliefs, as well as be a role model for other members of the School community.

Thank you for giving me and the current 2021-2022 leaders the opportunity to inspire and encourage you all to ‘own your story’. It has been a privilege to serve this amazing Wenona community. I hope you continue to reach for the sky.


Emily, Year 12
School Captain 2021/2022