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And the winner is...

The House Drama Competition is a perennial favourite of the first term at Wenona. This year, students were treated to a Short Film Competition - 'The Woscars 2022".

House Drama 22

The theme of this year’s House Drama is ‘The Classics’. Head of Drama, Ms Crittle allotted a different classic novel to each House:
School - Wuthering Heights
Ralston - Frankenstein
Messiter - Pride and Prejudice
Allard - Jane Eyre
Hooke - Little Women
Palmer - Rebecca
Hadley and Jackson (combined) - Alice in Wonderland

House Drama School

Preparations for the festival began last year in Term 4, when student directors and writers in Year 11 began to write their scripts. They were free to interpret their ‘classic’ in any way they wanted, and attended workshops on script writing with Ms Crittle to learn how to create a film script that engaged an audience.

House Drama More

Workshops on film making continued in Term 1 and then the exciting process of auditioning for the film commenced.

House Drama 229

Along with screenwriting, casting, filming and editing, each House also had to consider locations, rehearsals, costumes and production times. They had to think about how to tell a compelling story and how to push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling in engaging ways.

House Drama 226

Throughout the term, we’ve seen students and teachers in strange outfits and make-up. There was a filming day in Week 5 of Term 1; girls in costumes from ‘Wonderland’ to ‘The March Household’ laid claim to their sets in Wenona and the surrounding streets and parks. Things were made more difficult as Sydney was experiencing a torrential storm on the day! But the girls persevered and finished making their films.

House Drama 228

Congratulations to all the Year 11 students who have worked so hard writing and directing the films; you should be very proud of your achievements. And a huge thank you to Ms Crittle and the Drama Department, Mr Morton and the Heads of Houses and other teachers who’ve dressed up, or helped out, or generally offered their support in the production of this event.

House Drama 227

The Wenona Short Film Festival was livestreamed on the last day of term, and the winner was announced at Wenona’s very own version of the ‘Woscars’ - congratulations to Palmer!

House Drama Palmer

Alice and Chloe, our current Drama Captains with Ginger (Drama Captain 2021) and Georgia (School Captain 2021) after the House Drama awards.