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A slightly different start to Kindergarten in 2022

Kindergarten’s transition to school was slightly different this year, with students attending Zooms late last year to familiarise themselves with their new friends, teachers and Wenona grounds.


One of the most exciting moments of the week was waving goodbye to our families on the first day of school and then walking up the Woodstock stairs to see our classroom “in real life!”

Kindy22 new

As students settled into the classroom on their first day, they listened to the story ‘The Kissing Hand’. In the story, Chester comes up with the idea of the ‘kissing hand’ to feel brave when he is at school and misses his mum. Kindergarten students shared the special people and pets in their own lives who they said goodbye to that morning on their first day of school. They created their own ‘kissing hand’ to tell their families about the wonderful idea to feel brave as they come to school each morning.


To familiarise ourselves with some of the important places, we read ‘Wombat Goes to School’. We then went on a search through the school to find wombats hidden in special places. Each time we found one, we stopped to learn about that place. We visited the Library, the Undercroft, the cafe, the Woodstock playground, the Piazza, the bathrooms and the Art room.

Kindy22 new2
One of the highlights from the first day for Elsie J and Elsie T, was discovering they had the same name and that they were partners on day one.


As we walked through the Undercroft and saw the Year 7 Connect Groups from a distance, a Kindy student asked why there were so many girls. When Ms Bouterakos then explained that it was a girls' school, the student answered “Oooh - so it’s like we’re having a big party every day?”


Kindergarten is still getting used to the timetable and everyday someone asks if it’s lunch time before 9am!