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40 Hour Famine

Wenona’s commitment to helping combat world hunger is proving as strong as ever this year, with more than $25,800 raised for World Vision in the 40-Hour Famine.

It is a contribution that will make a big difference in the lives of the 45 million people across the globe who are on the brink of famine, more than half of whom are children.

Famine Story2

“This is such an important cause, and the Wenona students’ contribution is nothing short of inspiring”, said 2022-23 Service Learning Prefect Valentina (Year 11). “Almost all our teams have met their $1,000 goal, which will go a long way in helping World Vision and its work”.

The students’ efforts are currently placing Wenona firmly in second place on the national table of participating schools - an extraordinary effort.

Our involvement is being run through the Houses, with students competing to attract the most donations. Overall, they are putting in an almighty effort, with Allard House coming first with almost $7,000 raised and Palmer in second place with more than $4,000 in donations.

Famine Story

At a current total of $1,500, Lucy (Year 7) has raised one of the highest amounts so far. “My two friends Tilly and Belle came over for the weekend of 26-28 August, so we could motivate each other while we gave up eating for 40 hours”, she said. “It wasn’t that hard. I am lucky enough to have access to all the food I need, so it was a small thing to give it up for 40 hours to support all the people in the world who do not have enough”.

Other students are participating in the challenge by seeking sponsorship for actions from walking long distances to giving up activities they love for 40 hours.

For example, Charlotte (Year 11) went without social media, Ruby (Year 9) ran 40 kilometres in 40 hours, Amelie (Year 9) fasted, while Ruby (Year 11), Jennifer (Year 11) and Valentina (Year 11), are all performing 40 acts of kindness.

“I believe charitable acts such as this are particularly important for students in independent schools”, Valentina says. “Otherwise, it would be easy for us to exist in a sort of bubble. Wenona service activities are an essential part of our culture, allowing us to expand our worldview and benefit others”.

“I am always amazed by the extraordinary generosity of the Wenona community and the way its members jump behind such a huge range of causes”, said Director of Community and Service Learning Mrs Kate Seale, who is overseeing the School’s participation.

Wenona has taken part in the 40-Hour Famine since 2013, raising tens of thousands of dollars each year.

In 2022 the cause is particularly important, as wars, the COVID pandemic and climate change escalate the global hunger emergency.

Anyone who is keen to contribute is encouraged to do so here.