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Operation Jersey Drop Off

Our Junior School and Year 6 parents have been keeping a big secret. This week, all was revealed with a secret mission to deliver the Year 6 jerseys in time for students to receive them at our Principal’s Assembly on Tuesday!


Head of Junior School, Ms Lind and Dr Scott had to put their heads together and come up with a plan for the traditional Year 6 jersey presentation in a term when nothing has run in the traditional way.

Dr Scott said, “Receiving a Year 6 jersey is such a rite of passage at Wenona. Given that we are currently on lockdown, we had to think of a creative way to present our Year 6 students with their jerseys that was fun, but also gave them that special sense of celebration and excitement at a time when we cannot be together at School."

So along with the help of our fantastic Year 6 parents, we organised a top-secret mission: Operation Jersey Drop.”


The Year 6 jerseys were sent out by our Junior School Administration Assistant, Ms Grace in plain parcels, marked ‘Confidential’. Within the parcel, parents found several numbered envelopes containing clues. There was also the mission essentials: a block of chocolate for energy and the wrapped jersey.

Parents had to place the envelopes in three locations around their home: on the front door; on the bookshelf; and in the freezer. Finally, they had to place their jersey package in the letterbox. Parents were also given instructions to set up the mission on the morning of the Junior School Assembly. Year 6 students also received an envelope containing the first clue. It was labelled, 'Year 6 Secret Mission - bring to Assembly but do not open until instructed to do so.' The stage was set for the big reveal!


It was a very special moment for Year 6 – and their families – and they were able to share it with Dr Scott, staff and their peers in the Junior School, who were all very excited to watch them find their jerseys and wear them for the very first time via Zoom.


A huge congratulations to our Year 6 students for reaching this milestone in their schooling. Thank you to all the staff who helped to organise this special event. And most of all, thank you to our wonderful parents who not only helped us keep a secret, but worked quietly behind the scenes to make it special for our students.

Mission completed!