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It’s All About Me

Last week, Kindergarten were VERY excited to present their ‘All about me’ bags to the rest of their peers in Woodstock. But the most exciting bit? When Dr Scott came to visit and told them all about her!

Kindergarten’s ‘All about me’ exhibition last week was the final part of their PYP Unit of Inquiry, ‘Who we are’. They’ve spent the past seven weeks of term, coming together in a new social context, so this Unit of Inquiry was a great way for them to develop their understanding that their unique characteristics are a result of so many different influences. It taught them to think about the concept of personal responsibility, to reflect on how they are connected to each other, and to also appreciate and celebrate their different perspectives, ideas, likes and dislikes.


Kindergarten have spent a lot of time getting to know each other this term and learning to identify and appreciate each other’s similarities and differences. To illustrate their learning, Kindergarten used a Venn diagram to visually represent who they are and how they compare to others in the class.


With the help of their parents, they brought in up to10 items from home that best represented them: treasured photos of their pets or family members, toys, books and precious objects. They then each set up a table around the Piazza, ready to meet and greet their peers in Woodstock. On Monday, Years 1 to 3 and their teachers gathered around for the exhibition.


While we have met and played with you in the playground, said Kindergarten, we would like to introduce ourselves and let you know a bit more about who we are. The students in Years 1 to 3 could then circulate around the room, listening to each Kindergarten student’s ‘All about me’ presentation and asking her questions.

There was also an opportunity to see Kindergarten’s self-portraits, which were proudly on display near the lockers.


All Woodstock students were invited to write or draw how they choose to be caring and a risk taker on whiteboards set up around the Piazza. And as the exhibition coincided with International Women’s Day, they were also encouraged to embrace this year’s theme of #ChoosetoChallenge, by writing their own personal affirmations on a huge strip of white paper taped to the floor.


Jessica said, “I want to be a thoughtful lawyer when I grow up.” Lyla said, “I challenge myself to jump off the wharf with Zoe at Balmoral Beach.” And Audrey said, “I challenge myself to be a great gymnast.”


Last Tuesday, excitement reached fever pitch when Dr Scott popped in to show them her ‘All about me’ bag. She showed them her very special swimming goggles, a picture of her dog, Maggie the Westie, and she also read them a lovely story about rainbow fish. Kindergarten were full of curiosity and wonderment and had LOTS and LOTS of questions for Dr Scott.


A huge thank you to Ms Bouterakos, Kindergarten and Dr Scott for sharing their interests and passions with everyone. It was great to see how enthusiastic Kindergarten are about learning and how confidently they presented to their peers. Well done!