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Hooke Face Mask Fundraiser

They’ve become part of our everyday routines, so Hooke House has come up with a fantastic – and very timely – fundraising initiative for the Kids Cancer Centre, with custom-designed, House-themed face masks.

As the House Captains for Hooke for 2021/2022, Emily, Phoebe and Maddie (Year 11) decided to capitalise on the ongoing demand for face masks by offering us all a fun way to represent our House by wearing a face mask in our House colours. At the same time, we will be raising money for a fantastic cause with 100% of the profits going to the Kids Cancer Centre at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.


The idea came about when they realised that when we return to onsite learning, it’s likely that we will all be wearing face masks. Even if we don’t have to wear them in class, students will have to wear them travelling to and from School. Everyone at Wenona is proud to wear their House colours so what better way for students to show their House spirit than by wearing their very own custom-designed, House-themed face mask! What’s more, these masks will minimise the use of those pesky single-use face masks, so by purchasing one, we will also be doing our bit for the environment while wearing our House colours to and from School with pride.


Emily, Phoebe and Maddie discussed their idea with Head of Hooke House, Ms Grϋn, who loved it. So together, the Hooke House Leadership Team got to work. They researched different face mask designs and found a company that would help them to design and create high quality, 3-ply face masks with adjustable ear loops in the eight Wenona House colours. They came up with a great range of design options including tie-dye, spots and stripes for each House to choose from by voting for their favourite design at their House Assemblies.

Masks are not a fashion accessory, but they do take up a fair amount of real estate on our face, so it’s not surprising that we like to wear aesthetically pleasing ones. With that in mind, Hooke House have come up with some fantastic options. The face masks can be ordered by completing this form; it will also be emailed directly to students. Each face mask costs $10 and this amount will be charged to each student’s account with 100% of the profits going to the Kids Cancer Centre. Face masks will be available for collection at School when we return to onsite learning.

Hooke House chose the Kids Cancer Centre because every year, 750 children in Australia are diagnosed with a form of cancer. The Kids Cancer Centre also has personal significance to our Hooke House Captains, as well as other members of the Wenona community, who have benefited greatly from the care, support and services the Kids Cancer Centre provides.


Hooke House Captains, Emily, Phoebe and Maddie explained what they hope everyone will get out of this initiative.

Emily said, “First of all, I hope that everyone enjoys their House face mask! It’s very important to keep everyone safe from illness, especially because this is so prevalent today. By creating fun face masks, our School community will be safe. I would also love our initiative to rekindle House spirit and restore the sense of belonging within Houses. By having matching face masks, everyone can be united with their House peers, which is why we chose this initiative.”

Phoebe said, “I hope this initiative helps to spread awareness for children and families that suffer from the effects of childhood cancer every day. I also hope that everyone acknowledges the incredible work of the Sydney Children’s Hospital, whose staff save lives every day. These heroes need to be recognised and I hope that everyone gets behind us, so that we can give back to this amazing community of people who have helped so many of us in the Wenona community.

Maddie said, “I hope that people realise that everybody has a different story and to never assume that you know a person's story. I also hope that people realise that by contributing to a charity with such an important cause, you are helping those who are less fortunate than you but just as deserving to be able to achieve their dreams in life.”

Emily, Phoebe and Maddie also spoke about what they have learnt from this initiative.

Emily said, “Mostly, I’ve learnt new business skills! I have learnt that creating an initiative/change requires lots of work and passion. It’s important to communicate between leaders, and organisation is key. It’s also lots of fun to see what we have been able to create within a short period of time!”

Phoebe said, “I have learnt that a lot of people are passionate about this cause just like I am, and that everyone is willing to do as much as they can to help this incredible initiative go further.”

Maddie said, “I’ve learned that there is an alarming amount of children who are diagnosed with cancer each year and having to overcome this battle is something nobody should ever have to do, but having to overcome this as a child proves the resilience, strength and drive that these kids must have. Developing this initiative has made me realise how many kind and supportive people there are who are always willing to help you. Giving back to this community is a gift as they provide life-changing benefits to so many.”

Finally, Emily, Phoebe and Maddie spoke about why they chose to fundraise for the Kids Cancer Centre.

Emily said, “We chose to support the Kids Cancer Centre as both myself and Phoebe have benefited greatly from the amazing work they do. We have had first-hand experience in both receiving and observing the life-saving and life-changing work of the amazing staff. The Kids Cancer Centre has positively impacted many other people and families in our School community as well, so we have taken this opportunity to give back to the Kids Cancer Centre.”

Phoebe said, “I chose the Kids Cancer Centre for our Hooke fundraiser as I am part of this community and have previously recovered from Leukaemia thanks to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, particularly the amazing nurses and doctors at the Kids Cancer Centre. As this cause is extremely important and personal to me, I am really excited that I have been given the opportunity to give back to the Kids Cancer Centre.”

Maddie said, “We decided to support the Kids Cancer Center at the Sydney Children's Hospital as they have supported and cured many children since the Foundation was built and they continue to change the lives of children every day by supporting, encouraging and fostering care to those going through a tough battle.”

So, it’s over to you Wenona. We hope that with your support, we can get behind this Hooke House fundraiser and in doing so, help support the Kids Cancer Centre in achieving their goal of a 100% cure rate for childhood cancer. Thank you for your endless generosity and support. Let’s show our support for our Houses and let’s make our mask-wearing matter for the Kids Cancer Centre!

You can order your mask/s here.