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Dr Andrew Yip talks Ancient History

Last week, History Teacher, Mr Hollis invited Dr Andrew Yip to give a lecture to our Year 11 Ancient History students about his work in historical exploration, excavation and vital restoration projects.


Dr Andrew Yip is a researcher, art historian, immersive environment designer and 3D artist working in experimental new media, with a background in art history, galleries and universities. He designs virtual and augmented reality art installations and researches the application of these technologies for the cultural sector. Last week, our Year 11 Ancient History students had the privilege of listening to a lecture from Dr Yip on his work, which gave them a greater understanding of its relevance.

Mr Hollis said, “Dr Andrew Yip spoke to our Year 11 students via Zoom about his work in the field of experimental imaging and its importance in 21st century archaeological work and the conservation and recording of cultural heritage using digital technologies. Dr Yip is a researcher and uses immersive, visualisation and experimental digital technologies in the preservation and interpretation of important sites of cultural heritage.


He spoke to the students about his work at iCinema for Interactive Cinema Research at UNSW, as well as his work on sites of cultural heritage such as the Mograo Grottoe at Dunhuang (an important site on the Silk Road for the transmission of Buddhism), his work on crucial items of cultural heritage saved from looting and destruction during the Saur Revolution in Afghanistan, and the use of imaging techniques to record and preserve sites at the ancient Roman city of Sirmium in Serbia, the site of Roman Emperor Maximian Herculius’ lost palace.


It was such an honour for the students to learn about the importance of the synthesis of a variety of skills such as digital technology, archaeology and ancient history in future careers, as well as the important message for students to be advocates for communities that are at risk of the destruction and looting of cultural heritage. It helped them to understand the role that they, along with other students in Australia and other privileged nations, can play to help and protect communities that lack similar access and equity.


Dr Yip advised students to look at the interactive Afghanistan exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, his own Sketchfab models, and "The Glac Project.”

Our Year 11 students found the lecture fascinating. It gave them a much greater appreciation for work to protect and preserve sites, buildings, structures and objects which reflect elements of cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological or architectural history. It made them reflect more critically on how it connects us to specific times, places and events that were significant milestones in our collective past, and the importance of maintaining continuity between our past and our present.