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Blog: Brothers in Arms

This week, Caroline, one of the Debating Captains and Senior Cadet Leaders for 2020/2021 used the seminal Dire Straits song, Brothers in Arms to illustrate how she makes the ordinary, extraordinary!

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a huge Dire Straits fan. And I love their song, Brothers in Arms. There’s a particularly poignant line in the song that really resonates with me: “So many different worlds, so many different suns, and we have just one world, but we live in different ones.”

This line – and this song more broadly – speaks to me about how, even though we coexist on this earth together, we are all living our own unique, and often very different, lives.

In our daily lives, it is easy to be consumed by what we are doing. Everyone is so focused on themselves that often, we don’t take the time to notice anyone else. We rarely second guess the actions of the person sitting next to us because we are so absorbed by what we are doing.

It’s why it’s so important that we make the ordinary extraordinary. That we make an active choice in how we act and react to situations, as after all, inaction is an action.

We are all just trying to get through school, but we must do this while also maintaining our integrity, and being confident in ourselves, because we can’t be the best version of ourselves unless we believe we are the best version of ourselves.

Happiness and joy are a mindset, and if we can manifest a good and positive mindset by choosing our actions and reactions carefully, then I think we can actually start to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Thank you.


Debating Captain and Senior Cadet Leader 2020/2021