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A new school year!

It may have been a bit of a soggy start to the new school year, but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of our students as they arrived on campus this week. It was great to see so many happy faces!

New Year Gallery7

Kindergarten and Years 3, 5 and 7 began Term 1 on Wednesday, and by Day 2 - when they were joined by the rest of the School - the majority had adapted well to new routines, new classrooms, new teachers and new friendships.

New Year Gallery2

In Woodstock, Miss Bouterakos’s Kindergarten students are settling in well to life at ‘big school’.

Miss Bouterakos said, “Kindergarten had a great first day on Wednesday. After waving goodbye to their families in the Woodstock playground, they confidently found their own lockers upstairs and got settled into the classroom. After listening to the story, In My Heart by Jo Witek, they shared how they were feeling. They were excited about meeting new friends, happy about starting school, and a little bit sad about saying goodbye to their parents.”

Kindy New

They really enjoyed meeting Mr Gasparinatos (PE), Mrs Porter (Library), Ms Chen (Chinese) and Dr Langan (Music), who all came in for a visit, as well as Ms Lewington (Art). After reading Where’s The Green Sheep? by Mem Fox, Kindergarten set off on a tour of the School, looking out for laminated pictures of green sheep in all manner of places. They were thrilled to play the piano in the Undercroft, say hello to the fish in the pond and discover some of the special places around Wenona, especially the Library. And they can’t wait to meet Maggie, the School’s pet dog, who keeps students company when they visit the School’s clinic.

Piper said her favourite thing about Wenona was “looking at the fish in the pond.” Lucy loved “meeting my Music teacher, Dr Langan.” The highlight for Minka was “looking for the green sheep.” Chloe said the best thing was “playing with Amber and making a hula hoop ring with all of my other friends.” Mia liked “the start of the day, playing with hoops, jumping, skipping and walking.” For Sienna the best bit was undoubtedly “drawing the rainbow fish.”

Remi and Piper were most perplexed to learn that Teaching Assistant, Mrs Rowe’s mum and dad don’t pack her a special school lunch every day. And Lucy was shocked to discover that the students in Year 3 were not in Year 7 as they looked so big! Minka also explained to Miss Bouterakos that “Art is creating with your mind.”

Miss Bouterakos said that Kindergarten are very excited to find out that they will be coming back to Wenona next week.

New Year Gallery4

Our new Year 3, Year 5 and Year 7 students have also settled in well and have really enjoyed making friends.

New Year Gallery5

New Year Gallery6

Our ESS Team are also enjoying their new facilities in the newly opened Allawah Centre, where Year 7 will be having a lot of their classes.

As Dr Scott said in our first Principal’s Assembly for the year, it can be a little bit nerve wracking to start the new year. She’s been Principal for nearly 10 years and even she feels a little bit nervous on the first day. She told everyone to practise self-care and be kind to themselves. And to have fun!

New Year Gallery3

New year. New possibilities. New adventures. New goals.
Welcome to Wenona everyone!