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Year 6 Graduation

Last Thursday, Year 6 marked a very special milestone in their lives - their graduation from Primary School – with a Principal’s Assembly in the Independent Theatre, which was livestreamed to parents.


The school leaders did a wonderful job of leading the procession for one last time. Chloe gave a beautiful address from the lectern and the students signed the National Anthem, while Jessica sang.


Head of Junior School, Ms Lind spoke about Year 6’s Starry, Starry Night project, which was a beautiful way of bringing the whole year group together. Their mosaic of Van Gogh’s iconic painting will hang in Hooke House for posterity.


In her address, Dr Scott celebrated the contribution that Year 6 students have made to Junior School and encouraged them all to take time off over the summer holidays to, “Be feral, run barefoot and free!”

Both Imogen and Sophia then reflected on their time at Junior School and recalled some of their highlights.


Imogen said, “‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.’ This quote is written by John Dewey talking about how education is not preparation for life, but is life itself, however I have a slightly different perspective. Life without education is empty.

I believe my education started when I arrived for Year 3 at Wenona in 2017. Wenona has given me a passion for learning new things - whether it be Maths, Music or munching through the kilometres on the Cross-Country course. Before Wenona, these were all relatively foreign to me, and I am eternally grateful to Wenona and all the amazing teachers, especially Mr Pomfrett and Mrs Froggatt who have opened my mind.

As the last few weeks of Junior School are coming to an end, I thought about the amazing memories I have had throughout my Junior School experience. I would have to say that my fondest memories (other than running!) have been all the opportunities to build new friendships. Our year group is full of fantastic girls, and the learning programs, camps and sporting activities have brought us all together. As we head into Year 7 - and increase our year group from 90 to 180, I hope these opportunities are still available.

I must say that in Year 4 at Wenona I really enjoyed going to Stanwell tops - I will never forget the giant swing. While all our camps were fantastic (it’s such a shame we missed out on Canberra this year), it goes without saying that I loved experiencing all the sport carnivals. My favourites have been Athletics and Cross Country. Before Wenona, I never knew I could run - Mr Pomfrett reminds me of that all the time - and to represent our great School has been a real honour. I believe that my newfound passion for running is making me a better person, a better sport - and a more focused learner.

Over the years at Wenona, I have met many new friends and I am so grateful to them for welcoming me into the Wenona community. Wenona has helped me believe in myself and to have courage to take part in everything.

When I reach the end of my schooling life, I would love to work for a TV production company or become a vet… and I really want to run for Australia at the Olympics! Wenona has helped me in many ways, physically and mentally. Training on a Tuesday and Friday - sometimes with the Senior squad - was a very fun part of my Junior School experience and learning to believe in myself has pushed me even further! Giving more Junior School girls a chance to run with the Senior girls would be a huge opportunity for our future stars. Wenona has set me up with the opportunity to make my wishes come true.

Wenona has helped me appreciate the things we have, from the wonderful education we receive at Wenona, to having a roof over our heads. Over the past few years at Wenona, I have learnt to appreciate what I have, and have learnt to be thankful for what we receive. This year in PYP learning, we looked at the topic ‘Who we are’ and wrote down three things we were grateful for each day. This helped me to think about how much I have in my life and due to that, I have become more appreciative of the amazing choices and things we have in life.

I have enjoyed every second of Junior School at Wenona and can’t thank everyone enough. The Junior School here has some great aspects that should definitely continue. Having Senior School teachers coming to talk to us and doing problem-solving activities, as well as some of the practical experiments we’ve undertaken, have made my education real. It certainly has been a very full four years.

However, some of the smaller aspects of Junior School life I’ve also found really important. Being given our jerseys by Dr Scott was a real honour. The fun, adventurous camps we did were a great way to step out of my comfort zone and try new things that I wouldn’t be able to do at home! Let alone the friends I was able to make. Being given an opportunity to push myself and perform in front of an audience at the Board of Governors Music Awards has given me a different confidence I will take with me into the Senior School. We should ensure these things keep going as they are very important parts of a girl’s total education for life - one that promises not to be empty.

I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to my time in Junior School. You have made my experience real! Thank you and see you all in 2021!”


Sophia said, “This is my first year at Wenona and it is a year I will never forget. I’m sure 2020 is a year lots of people won’t forget, but for me, it has been about friendship, resilience and learning. Learning so much about myself, the world and the people in it. The friends that I have made this year will stay with me not only as I cross the road to Senior School, but hopefully forever.

One of my best memories is of camp. Spending time with all the other Year 6 girls and learning how far I could push myself. I was terrified of the flying fox at camp but as I climbed up to the top of the post, clipped myself on and swung off I faced my fear and couldn’t wait to do it all again. It makes me realise how much I love our playground, especially the monkey bars where you will find me most lunchtimes!

I have also learnt so much about the world this year, including issues about our own country. The amount and speed of the coral bleaching that is occurring in the Great Barrier Reef is terrifying. This amazing natural feature may not exist in another 20 years and we need to do something about it now. Climate change impacts so much of our natural world and it is an issue we can all do something about: reducing, recycling and reusing. So simple really!!!

In the future, I hope to be a vet. I love animals and they play an important part in our natural world. I really want to help and protect them.

Wenona has helped me to find out who I really am. People accept me, I can be myself and I am cared about. So, at the end of this year, I want to say a very BIG thank you - thank you Ms Lind, thank you Year 6 teachers, thank you Professional Services staff and thank you to each and every one of the unique, funny, caring, smart and talented Year 6 girls. You are amazing and we will go far. Bring on 2021!”

Good luck Year 6 – you have been amazing!