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Year 12: The Class with the Midas Touch

And so, it has come to pass. After all their hard work for the HSC Trials, major works, showcases and performances, the process of farewelling Year 12 has begun, starting with ‘A Sprinkle of Gold and Glam’!

It’s been a year like no other for our lovely Year 12 students and their parents. To be young through such extraordinary times throws up its own challenges, and its own perspective on history. But as Dr Scott always says, we don’t do drama at Wenona (apart from for the HSC of course). And so, our strong, resilient, supportive and fun-loving Class of 2020 have banded together, and despite the restrictions surrounding the normal social events connected with Valete, they’ve come up with lots of creative ways to celebrate their final weeks at Wenona.


And better still, they’ve managed to underpin these activities with a commitment to making a positive difference, which demonstrates why we think the Class of 2020 is pure gold!


Along with festooning the balcony of the West Commons each day with the customary Year 12 hand-painted countdown signs, Year 12 have organised an action-packed couple of weeks.


It all started on Thursday with the inaugural Year 12 Fashion Show with a difference. The theme was ‘A Sprinkle of Gold and Glam’ and outfits had to be purchased from op shops. It meant the girls could give back to retailers struggling during COVID, wear recycled outfits so they could be sustainable and, best of all, they knew that everything they bought from Vinnies inspires change in local communities. Plus, as they discovered, op shopping is lots of fun!


During recess on Thursday, the West Commons was transformed into a catwalk. Dr Scott helped with judging, Lara and Addy took to the mic as comperes extraordinaire, and Year 12 Coordinator, Ms Langford helped to coordinate the students so they were all ‘on show’ on the steps of the West Commons.



And the Class of 2020 did not disappoint. There were sequins. There was lamé. There was glitter. And there was glam, albeit with a vintage 80s kind of vibe… that might have had some teachers harking back to their glory days!


It was a close-run race, but as we think you will agree, the winners all had the Midas touch!


Head of Senior College, Ms Swaine chose an oxymoron to describe the fashion show – well she is an English Teacher after all – saying, “It was beautifully disgusting!”

And Dr Scott declared it a triumph and suggested that perhaps the Class of 2020 had kickstarted a new Wenona Valete tradition.

Year 12 followed this up with busking in the amphitheatre at lunchtime to raise money for their chosen charity, Save the Children Kununurra.



The Prefect team for 2019/2020 have also raised an incredible $5,883 (and counting) for The Star Foundation, by designing and selling tea towels, with self-portraits of each year group on them. The Star Foundation works with schools in areas densely populated with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and supports young women in their transition from high school to later life, whether this is higher education or transitioning directly into a job. As Greta in Year 12 explained, “Young Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander women are unfortunately greatly disadvantaged in Australia, and we felt that it was only right that we as young Australian women supported these young women who deserve for their voices to be heard.”


Year 12 have lots more planned over the next week, including their traditional Year 12 Activities day next Friday, complete with jukebox for dancing. Their last ever lesson will be Period 3.


In Week 10, they will have a Year 12 ‘Thank you to the Staff’ morning tea, as well as the Year 12 Graduation Prize Giving, which will be live streamed to parents.

We’re all familiar with proverbial saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold’, but in the case of the Class of 2020, they glitter and they are gold. Pure gold! We shall miss them!