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Celebrating 100 days of School

As any centenarian can tell you, reaching 100 is a BIG deal! And this week, our Kindergarten and Year 1 students celebrated 100 days of school with a TON of 100-themed activities!


The 100th day of school is a BIG deal - just ask Ms Bouterakos's and Ms Christofa’s students! They were thrilled to find out that on Wednesday, they'd officially become 100 days smarter!

This significant achievement was cause for celebration, as well as an opportunity for Kindergarten and Year 1 to reinforce, practice and build their number sense up to 100.

For our Kindergarten students, it was very exciting to discover that they’d been Wenonians for 100 days and had 100 days with Ms Bouterakos as their teacher!

To demonstrate their learning over the past 100 days of school, Ms Bouterakos asked them to reflect on some of the things they’d enjoyed doing.

Elva said, “My favourite thing about school is when we made the kites because it was fun.”


Annabel said, “My favourite thing about school is lunch.”

Sophia said, “My favourite thing about school is when we made the Maggie pictures because I like Maggie.”


Kindergarten were then each given a slice of bread, which they had to decorate with 100 sprinkles. This proved quite challenging – and involved lots of counting. And more importantly, lots of eating!


Ms Christofa asked Year 1 to draw pictures of themselves now and a picture of what they might look like in 100 years.

Amelia explained that in the last 100 days, her drawing has really improved. “100 days ago, I used to just draw stick figures with dots for eyes,” she said.


Annabelle said, “In 100 years, I will be 106 years old. I hope I have a nice house and get to see my grandchildren…I hope I can still speak.”

Miranda said, “In 100 years, I hope I will not have a walking stick, have a pet and have strength.”

Camilla said, “In 100 years, I hope I will be living in a house that has a waterslide that moves and I will be driving a car than can go upside down.”

Annabelle said that in 100 years she thinks the world “will be colourful and I hope there will be flying cars with unicorns. I think there will be magic fairy trees.”


Year 1 then had to test their mathematical skills. Ms Christofa gave them each five cookies and asked them to decorate each cookie with 20 sprinkles.


Some of the students made their cookies into 100!


There were balloons, decorations and a TON of learning.

Congratulations Kindergarten and Year 1. You ARE officially 100 days smarter!