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Mi casa es su casa

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, we all live somewhere. And this term, Ms Furlong Alexanderson’s Year 8 Spanish students have mastered the vocabulary to describe where they live.

mi casa8

This term, Year 8 have been busy perfecting their Spanish conversation skills, learning how to make grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs for ‘habitaciones y partes de la casa’, as well as learning different adjectives to describe the rooms or areas within their home.

mi casa4

They made so much progress that at the end of the unit, Ms Furlong Alexanderson started a cultural discussion with them about the visible disparities of wealth, which can be seen in many Latin countries through the different types of housing people live in. This led to a much wider discussion about socioeconomic status and prompted them to think about concepts such as values, tolerance and unity – all of which are very relevant topics in today’s global society.

mi casa3

The students then made cardboard houses to represent the different types of houses in these small towns across the world and wrote a short description in Spanish of their model house.

Ms Furlong Alexanderson then grouped all the different houses together to make a globally diverse city.

mi casa7

Fostering global awareness in our classrooms is so beneficial to our students. And this lesson was a great way of encouraging our students to see things from different perspectives and think about how other people experience the world. By guiding them through this process of discovery in a fun and innovative way, Ms Furlong Alexanderson also helped our Year 8 students to develop a deeper understanding of their own place in the world.

Bien hecho Ms Furlong Alexanderson and Year 8!

mi casa6